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A guide to NYC’s esoteric bookstores, cafes, metaphysical centers, healers and practitioners, curated by Scott Michael Harney



December 2021

Welcome to the Enchanted Cafe

You are entering a temporary autonomous zone.

The time is the 1970s and 1980s and you are strolling down Ninth Street in the East Village of New York City.

You feel magic in the air.

Something is calling you.  You feel the energy of a storefront beckoning you. So you walk in and your life changes.

You get a psychic reading, you receive guidance from your higher self - and you find your destiny.

The occult scene of the 1970s and 1980s no longer exists; gentrification and high rents have driven many of witches, psychics and occultist to leave NYC.



It is the magick that unites us

You may have tried other online psychic hotlines; however, esoteric.nyc is different.

We offer an exclusive time-based booking service, in addition to pay-per-minute readings.

All of the psychics and healers on the page are hand-picked.  Esoteric.Nyc is also a virtual community, offering classes, live-streamed rituals, and events.

Esoteric Guides LLC has partnered with Click4Advisor to offer this portal.  Register here to establish a Click4Advisor account so that you can book a session with a psychic or healer.

Esoteric.Nyc is a community and not just a psychic portal.  We also stress time-based sessions, so you get the experience that you pay for.

Connect online, across time and space to learn history, meet some of the elders in this scene as well as the younger generation of NYC's top readers ...


Esoteric Guides is Creating an Online Space for Spiritual Seekers to Recreate the Magick of 70s and 80s NYC

Esoteric Guides NYC is an attempt to recreate the magic of this era and create a virtual esoteric community, where you can get online psychic readings, healings, classes, attend virtual rituals and psychic parties.

I originally met many of the wonderful psychics, healers, and teachers when I published "Esoteric Guide to New York" in 2003. This site is an extension of the book.

We are honored to have icons and elders from that era to read for this site  - NYC Witch Queen Lady Rhea, High Priestess and former owner of Enchantments Carol Bulzone, Pagan Mayor of NYC Gary Suto,  Enchantments astrologer Dee Dunckley, Minoan Brotherhood high priest Matthew Sawicki, The Zodiac Lounge's Anthony Russell, Mystic Louis from Quest Bookstore and Lenormand Queen Rita Segarra, all played an integral role in the NYC occult scene during this magical time.

We are excited to be joined by some of the rising stars of the NYC scene - psychic rock star Damon Stang, love witch Daisy Orsini, Rune master Skydin Zeal,  astrologer Mehernaz and the oracle of Union Square Marianna "Leah" Hernandez.

These talented readers now are together again in a virtual space.

Once you register for the site, you can reserve a reading with any of these psychics.

My suggestion is that you start with an “Enchanted Cafe,” which is a 15 minute reading for $25 and can be found in the time-based sessions of the readers.

That way, if you like the psychic, you can book a full reading with them, through the site.

Unlike most other online psychic services, we charge by the session - not by the minute.  This way, you know what you are paying for and aren't surprised by the bill when you finish.

We are also offering fascinating classes and rituals from the esoteric community - Love Magic classes, prosperity classes, group healings, magick classes and live rituals and meditations.

Follow our Crowdcast page to get the latest schedule of classes.

When you join the Esoteric Guides NYC you are joining our family.  Look forward to seeing you in the circle.

Scott Michael Harney

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