The planetary energies at the time of our birth form the “fingerprint of the soul.”  A person’s talents, destiny, career and even life partner can be gleaned from a natal chart. Planetary transits can predict major events - good and bad - in a client’s life.  A good astrologer can assist a client through these times.  An astrologer can also advise on the auspicious timings of important life events  - like opening a business and even marriage.  An astrologer can provide a “cosmic weather forecast” for the upcoming year, so you can avoid the storm and ride the waves to success.

When you need specific information, particularly the timing of events, an astrologer is who you need to call. 

Keep in mind that an astrologer will need you exact time and date of birth, as well as the place of birth.  If you do not have your birth certificate, then you can find it by online, by using sites like

Due to the fact that the astrologer needs to prepare your chart prior to the actual reading, astrological readings tend to be a bit more than psychic readings. 


Dee Dunckley

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The Hermetic Astrologer

Dee Dunckley is one of the best Hermetic Astrologers in the esoteric community.

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The Fire Bearer

Meher spent most of her childhood among spiritual gurus and yogis in India; her father being a priest in the Zoroastrian religion.

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