By Scott Harney / June 26, 2021

There is a Chinese proverb: With time and patience the Mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown. This is true on so many levels in Kissena Park in Flushing, Queens, NY Every June the berries on the many White Mulberry trees in the park ripen; hundreds of local residents bring bags, ladders to collect the nutritious…

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Dreamscape: Oneirogens and Lucid Dreaming with Tree Carr

By Scott Harney / March 20, 2021
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Reclaiming the Lost Powers of the Greek Healing Goddesses

By Lynn Pacifico / March 4, 2021

Part of our work as neopagans is to help reinstate the divine feminine and respect for the natural world. Those of us who study the old religions know that the old myths were rewritten as the patriarchs claimed rule over all aspects of life. The change in societal customs, through the systematic stripping of female…

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Transitions – Keeping Love

By Lynn Pacifico / February 15, 2021

As I sat at my father’s bedside toward the end of his passing, I saw him take an invisible (at least I couldn’t see it) glass from someone (who I also couldn’t see), bring it to his lips, drink and smiling, hand it back. He pointed to the wall behind me. There was no one…

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Astro Hot Tips for January 2021

By Lady Rhea / January 3, 2021

Welcome to my monthly newsletter, Astro Hot Tips. I first started this in 1987 and published this until 2012. So it returns rises out of the ashes in 2021. Enjoy the advice and here’s to success for all.   Mercury retrograde alert, January 30th until, February 20th. Life doesn’t stop, just be more analytical about any…

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Whatever Happened to Sean David Morton?

By Scott Harney / January 3, 2021

For many years, Sean David Morton was the star of the esoteric community in New York City and was nicknamed “America’s Prophet” because of his world predictions. Now he sits in the federal penitentiary in Tuscon, Arizona. He claims he is a political prisoner, jailed because he drifted into right-wing radio; however, authorities say that…

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Blessings of the Yuletide Season

By Scott Harney / December 21, 2020

Happy Winter Solstice and Yule Blessings from Esoteric NYC.

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Invocation of the 21 Tara with Lady Rhea

By Lady Rhea / December 14, 2020

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Honoring Lady Vivienne, the Welsh Witch Queen of NYC

By Lady Rhea / December 13, 2020

Earlier this month NYC lost one of its elders, who influenced countless New Yorkers on their spiritual path. Kaye Flagg, also known as Lady Vivienne, was the founding High Priestess of the Welch Tradition Coven in New York with Eddie Buczynski. I credit Lady Vivienne for my beginning journey into the craft. She represents the…

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The Magick of New York

By Scott Harney / November 16, 2020

New York may be the financial capital of the world; however, many believe that it also is a esoteric capital of the world as well. Manhattan is a big rock, granite to be exact, interwoven with billions of quartz crystals.  The island itself descends down into the molten core of the Earth. Manhattan is a…

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