Invocation of the 21 Tara with Lady Rhea

By Lady Rhea / December 14, 2020

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Honoring Lady Vivienne, the Welsh Witch Queen of NYC

By Lady Rhea / December 13, 2020

Earlier this month NYC lost one of its elders, who influenced countless New Yorkers on their spiritual path. Kaye Flagg, also known as Lady Vivienne, was the founding High Priestess of the Welch Tradition Coven in New York with Eddie Buczynski. I credit Lady Vivienne for my beginning journey into the craft. She represents the […]

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The Magick of New York

By Scott Harney / November 16, 2020

New York may be the financial capital of the world; however, many believe that it also is a esoteric capital of the world as well. Manhattan is a big rock, granite to be exact, interwoven with billions of quartz crystals.  The island itself descends down into the molten core of the Earth. Manhattan is a […]

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