Magick of New York

An excerpt from “Esoteric Guide to New York” I was born with a caul on my face and my grandfather was the seventh son of a seventh son.  In some cultures, this may have marked me as potentially “gifted,” or even a candidate for shamanic traning. But growing up in Irish-Catholic Boston, I was always…

Lord Shiva also known as the biggest god in hinduism .

Maha Shivatri

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 is Maha Shivatri, in honor of the Hindu God Shiva.  Here is last year’s ritual done by the amazing Mehernaz Madon;  


Astro Hot Tips for January 2021

Welcome to my monthly newsletter, Astro Hot Tips. I first started this in 1987 and published this until 2012. So it returns rises out of the ashes in 2021. Enjoy the advice and here’s to success for all.   Mercury retrograde alert, January 30th until, February 20th. Life doesn’t stop, just be more analytical about any…


Elysium Rhea

Ever since she was a young girl, growing up in an Indian family in Brooklyn, NY, Rhea was known to have the “healing touch.” “I could put my hands on someone and they would immediately feel better,” she says. “It was very intuitive.  I could work on humans – as well as sick pets.” It…


Bernadette Montana

Brid’s Closet Bernadette Montana has been a popular reading in the NYC area for years; she is well-known for her yearly Beltane ritual and festival held in Cornwall on Hudson.  The maypole ritual at the festival has attracted more than 800 participates, making it one of the largest maypole rituals in North America, if not…



Meher spent most of her childhood among spiritual gurus and yogis in India; her father being a priest in the Zoroastrian religion. As an only child, she was expected to continue the Zoroastrian priestly lineage – an important duty given that it is a powerful, sacred, and rare bloodline. “My father is from the Zoroastrian…