Elysium Rhea

Ever since she was a young girl, growing up in an Indian family in Brooklyn, NY, Rhea was known to have the “healing touch.”

“I could put my hands on someone and they would immediately feel better,” she says. “It was very intuitive.  I could work on humans – as well as sick pets.”

It took a healing crisis of her own for her to follow her own calling as a healer.   She was having a chronic women’s health issue, which led her to get a series of treatments at Pacific College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which cured the issue that Western Medicine was unable to.

The experience led her to study at Pacifica, where she earned her degree in acupuncture and TCM.  She also has become adept at other healing modalities, including Medical Qi Gong, meditation, and two forms of Reiki – the Hayashi School and Angelic Liquid Light (Karuna).

In her own sessions, she begins with a tongue diagnosis.  Based on this and some questions about the illness, she will determine what treatment is best.

When she establishes a connection with a client, she will emit energy with her hands, as well as with specialized tools.  She also may lead a client through a guided meditation.  Her treatments are especially good for anxiety and depression.

“A client can expect general increased well-being,” she says. “In some cases, clients are able to reduce their medication and have less pain.”


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