Dee Dunckley


The Hermetic Astrologer

Dee Dunckley is one of the best Hermetic Astrologers in the NYC esoteric community.

Hermetic Astrology teaches that each person is created for a very special purpose – and that purpose is revealed in the birth chart.

Dunckley’s journey into astrology began when she was 14 years old and came across a Dell astrology magazine.

“When I was 19 I moved across the river from New Jersey to Manhattan,” she says. “I was able to pursue my interest in astrology and able to study with some great teachers.”

Dunckley ended up working in the famed Weiser’s Bookstore, managing the astrology section.

“I spent much of that time reading every astrology book I could get my hands on,” she laughed. “It became the main focus of my interest.”

As a reader, Dunckley also incorporated tarot into her practice and also became a popular reader at the old Enchantments on Ninth Street.

Through her training in Hermetic Astrology, Dunckley can find a client’s life purpose, as well as a “cosmic forecast” about the year ahead of them.  She also specializes in finding auspicious dates for important life events – such as opening a business and weddings.  Another specialty is synastry readings, which compares two charts to look for compatibility between lovers.

“Sometimes people need to know why they are the way they are,” she says. “Astrology can answer those questions and give a client the best direction they should pursue.”

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