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NYC’s Number One Flower Reader

While many psychics use Tarot cards or runes, Mystic Louis uses flowers and plants to divine the future and give advice to clients.

Louis – who has been a professional psychic reader for more than 40 years – says he stumbled upon flower reading by chance.  He went to a park in NYC to unwind after a long day of reading cards for clients when he “started getting impressions from the plants and flowers” around him.

He began having clients bring a flower to him during a reading.  He says that the flower will often “take the energy of the person.”

“It is much easier for me to read a person when they are holding a flower – they are more relaxed and open,” he says. “I let them pick the flower – the color and shape of the flower also say a lot about them.”

He said that one of the more unusual flower readings he did was when a client hauled in a large, potted coconut tree.  “He brought it in and I had to read it,” he says. “I got some good impressions from it.”

Louis is well-known for his time as a reader at the Quest bookstore on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  He also was a reader at Café Mojo and worked the psychic fair circuit on Long Island.

Louis grew up in Long Island to a Puerto Rican and European family. He says that he realized he was psychic when he was a young boy. “I started saying things to friends and family members, which would come true for them,” he says. “I noticed that sometimes this scares some people off.”

However, Louis has honed his art to become a guide for thousands of clients throughout the years, as a Tarot card reader, though dream interpretation and handwriting analysis – along with his signature flower reading.

“Everyone is psychic, even if they don’t realize it,” he says. “What I do is facilitate the intuition that is lying dormant.  I get them to pay attention to their own intuition – if it feels right it is probably good for them.”

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