For many years, Sean David Morton was the star of the esoteric community in New York City and was nicknamed “America’s Prophet” because of his world predictions.

Now he sits in the federal penitentiary in Tuscon, Arizona. He claims he is a political prisoner, jailed because he drifted into right-wing radio; however, authorities say that he used his credibility as a psychic to defraud more than 100 of his clients of over $6 million dollars in 2006 and 2007. He was also convicted of IRS fraud, filing several tax returns due on non-existent overpayments.

I met Morton back in 2001, when he was headlining events like Mark Becker’s bi-annual New Life Expo at the Hotel New Yorker.

Charismatic, witty, with the Irish gift of gab, Morton would draw hundreds to his talks. Unlike many of the more ethereal New Age speakers at the expo, Morton spoke about current events and politics, with a little bit of metaphysics thrown in. He was street smart and grounded – and yet had a mystical aura around him.

He would hold court in the bar at the Hotel after each night at the Expo, surrounded by a group of New York metaphysical oddballs – and he was the alpha oddball. I remember one evening there was a guy dressed as an Indian, a woman who had been conversing with the Archangel Michael since she was a young girl (“a gifted mystic,” Morton called her) and a NYC real estate broker who some type of military background that “red pilled” him into the conspiracy world.

Back in the day, I recall how Morton often merged conspiracy theories into metaphysics. Like David Icke, Morton had an esoteric cosmology that placed the “light workers” (like him) against the evil forces of the world (i.e. China, Muslims extremists … and later Hillary Clinton and the Democrats).

His own background was mysterious. A former nightclub promoter, Morton says he had a spiritual awakening in his late 20s that brought him to England, then India, where he claims he
met the Dalai Lama.

He once told me that he was the reincarnation of a Tibetan monk, who was killed during the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1947.

He claimed that when he first went to Dharamsala, Indian, the home of the exiled Tibetan community, a monk recognized him and handing him prayer beads and shawl that belonged to him in his previous life.

Morton claimed that he learned “Tibetan Time Transference” during his time in India, in which he could “trade places” with individuals from the future.

In 1994, he did a public event in California, where he allegedly did a “time transfer” with his grandson from the future – a chap named “Vajra from the Morton clan.” During the channeling session, Vajra claimed he was living in 2064 as a “sovereign citizen” in post-America area called “New Omaha,” that included parts of what was then Canada. The series of lectures became known as the “Vajra Chronicles.”

So, I have to say, the timeline presented by Vajra is eerie to say the least, in looking at it from 2020 – and much of it has come to pass. Although the timeline is off by a few years here and there, it seems to be happening.

Vajra claimed that the US becomes embroiled in the “last great conflict” which starts in 1998 and lasts around 27 years. It starts with a war against “Islamic Jihad” and eventually involves China.

He calls 2025 as the “lowest spiritual point for humanity.” He claimed that China invades the United States, coming down through the Bering Strait and through Canada, “killing everything in their path.” The final battle occurs in Denver, Colorado, where the Chinese were finally defeated in the “Plateau of Judgement.”

He said that the wars finally end after a meteor hits the earth, knocking it off its axis. He also discussed a pandemic that isolates people and the eventual destruction of New York and Washington, DC in a type of post-meteor civil war.

In Vajra’s telling of future US history, America eventually re-emerges as a type of Utopia, with a 13-state federation, led out of destruction by a type of female avatar called the “Immanuella.”

The Vajra Chronicles reads like a science fiction story. However, after 9-11 and the wars against Islamic extremism, a lot of people in the metaphysical community began paying more attention to Morton’s prophecies.

In way, the Vajra Chronicles came true for Morton, a personal metaphor for his own transformation and struggles. Like Morton, the sovereign citizens of the future utopian US called “New Jerusalem” fought the “dark federal forces” of the the New World order, who tried to take the guns away from Americans right before the great wars and exploit the citizens through taxation.

Back when I worked at the US Mission to the United Nations, I would take Morton to lunch at the UN when he was in town. He seemed to revel in proximity to world leaders. I recall taking him to an empty General Assembly Hall. He was enthralled and went to the podium and began giving a speech, as if speaking the leaders of the world .

Morton was a man who felt he had a special mission in the world, He seemed sincere about it and felt that he had a role to play in the destiny of the United States, as a type of prophet, whose role it was to guide the country into an enlightened new age.

But it was difficult to determine where the “showman” Sean David Morton intersected with the real Sean David Morton.

Shortly after our lunches at the UN, Morton began going on AM Coast to Coast radio and several time mentioned his “source at the UN” when discussing his increasingly elaborate conspiracy theories. On one show he mentioned me by name, much to my chagrin.

My own journey took me away from NYC and I lost touch with Morton. I would sometimes tune into Morton’s late night radio show. He was talking less and less about UFOs and more about right-wing political issues.

When I knew Morton, he was giving “Remote Viewing” workshops and promoting the path of Tibetan Buddhism; however, he began giving workshops on becoming a “sovereign citizen,” in an attempt to abrogate oneself from paying federal taxes.

Morton, at one point, claimed that he was a diplomat from the “Republic of Lemuria and the Dominion of Melchizdek,” and tried to give back his social security number to the federal government, in an attempt to establish himself as a sovereign citizen.

Morton began promoting right-wing ideas, much like Alex Jones and became a staple of the late night conservative talk-show circuit.

At the same time Morton maintained his NYC fan base, with his Delphi Associates newsletter, that was like a new age guide to stocks and world events. He would make stock market predictions based on astrology and his own prophetic visions. He also apparently began investing money for clients, according to court records.

It was Morton’s dabbling in the stock market which led to his downfall. He was convicted of civil securities fraud for, among other things, taking investment money from clients and pocketing it.

Morton maintains that the federal government – specifically Hillary Clinton – went after him because he became a far-right radio host. He has described himself as a “political prisoner” of the deep state.

However, his days as a prisoner may be over. His wife Melissa announced that he would be released from prison on 4 January, on medical grounds. He developed a serious tumor on his neck and needs an operation. She has been appealing to the public for donations to help Morton re-adjust to society.

Since his incarceration, the New Life Expo has never been the same. One long-time vendor told me at the last Expo that the Morton was the main draw for the event and the crowds were never the same since he went to jail.

“A lot of people came to the Expo just to see Sean,” he said. “Even if you don’t agree with everything he says or does, he has a fan-base that just loves him – even after all of the court stuff.”


  • J Lundy

    Wow! Met Sean in 2011 at La expo signing of his Sands of Time book. Didn’t know he was Tibetan time traveler. Gave me some interesting dates in 2012 and his phone number. Invited me to visit. Wish I had. Can I help?

  • J Lundy

    Sands of Time highly reccomended- j Lundy former TRW systems engineer.

    • Gribble

      Oh no… It’s retarded.

    • eric swan

      sean needs our help

  • Leah

    Why does he need our help. He is another charlatan who had a couple of lucky predictions. Yes, I used to listen to him on Coast to Coast AM, but the more he appeared the nuttier his claims of the future appears. Now, he is stealing people’s money. No, he does not need our help.

  • Kay

    Sean needs money to readjust to society. That’s rich.

  • Kirk

    I frequently heard Sean speak at LA’s Conscious Life Expos, and even was a Delphi Associates newsletter subscriber. The nominal amount I spent on a subscription was more than paid for by the entertaining writing and the fact that I was never badgered to renew. At one point the newsletters stopped. I was one of hundreds who enjoyed seeing him at the Expo.

    In his talks, he hinted at the techniques he would ultimately employ to send himself to prison. Kind of like Trump, he thinks he’s really clever and can impressively name-drop and convince you that he’s special. But reading his charges and especially his rants against the government, it’s clear he’s just another right wing grifter, with a degree from USC and a whole lot of blarney and self-promotion.

  • Lynn Begley

    Honestly my feel was it thought morton was genuine . However you can go from your higher self back to your 3d self if your” ego “gets hooked . it felt like Sean. He did great work then his ego got caught up & he got pulled into the 3d mundane world again.
    It doesn’t mean he cant learn his lessons . humble himself and. Find his ways back to his higher self and more spiritual side again.
    When your doing future time travel a known side effects can be to fracture your own personality and not realize it . just saying . I liked to see spiritual david sean martin back .

  • Lynn Begley

    Honestly my feel was i thought morton was genuine . However , you can go from your higher self back to your 3d self if your” ego “gets hooked . it felt like Sean could have by politics and money .We all have your karma to work out .
    He did great work then his ego got caught up & he got pulled into the 3d mundane world again.
    It doesn’t mean he cant learn his lessons . humble himself and. Find his ways back to his higher self and more spiritual in depth side again.we can get caughtvin our 8th chair a but doorways to our 9th chair a higher self our opening now. See Cindi Dales huge body of work on chakras .
    When your doing future time travel , a now known side effects can be to fracture your own personality and not realize it . just saying . I liked to see him Heal & our spiritual Sean David martin back.

  • Cecille C

    Does anyone know if he was ever charged AND COINVICTED? If you think going to jail means a person is a bad guy, you need to pull your head out of the sand. I religiously pay my income tax because I know the Deep State/NWO/controllers of this planet will throw me in jail, but income tax is unconstitutional. Read your constitution. Read the work of John Bannister, a former IRS agent.
    The last time they took Sean back to jail he was not even charged anything. He is writing his new trilogy, and I suspect he will be dragged back to prison again, or the DS maybe too busy putting on the finishing touches of the totalitarian society we will soon be living in.

    • Larry Locken

      Pay your taxes with pride cheapskate

  • Joyce

    I had a private consultation with him and was so not impressed. I thought that he was so full of himself that he couldn’t give an objective reading. I wanted to ask him a couple of questions during our time together and he shut me right down. My partner, however, liked him, but then forgot what he’d predicted before any of it came to pass.

  • piet steenkneder

    i sure wish him as much help as i need myself … also brill but ‘miskend’ [all grounded tho, none of that esowoked woo] and also ‘in possession of’ a hard taskmasterlump on my throat … considering the black salve … will prolly continue mms but upgrade to cds … wish my deals with death and doles of rockpinches could trump this here scorpiate spate …

  • Matt

    When you start believing your own lies…… the lies become the truth. Sean had no good intentions. He is a pathological liar and a thief. Nothing more – nothing less. Read his true story and an excellent piece of investigative journalism on UFO

  • AT 4


  • Roger Borroel

    See what crooks Sean and his wife are, she’s begging for money to help her creepo jail husband out. Well, they took 6 MILLION dollars from investors (per the court), why doesn’t she use THAT money?

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