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The Love Witch

Daisy Orsini is “100 percent witch.”

A naturally-gifted psychic and hereditary witch, her Peruvian grandmother was traditional healer and her Portuguese grandmother was a “gypsy, who practiced the dark arts.”

However, Daisy’s speciality is love.

“I am a love witch,”she says. “I am in love with love.  Every since I was a young girl I have been focused on love.  My goal is to have everyone experience love in their lives.”

As a Lenormand card reader, Orsini can divine when and where a client may find their love partner. She can also determine compatibility  – and even help a client keep their lover faithful.

“My cards tell me a story step by step,” she says.  “However,  sometimes don’t even need cards –  I can read a person by picture or voice.   When I connect with someone, I can tell their whole story from childhood. “

Orsini is a natural medium.  Growing up in the Bronx, NY, Orsini says that she “could see death,” when she was a young girl.

“I used to get scared because I would dream someone died and it would come true,”she says.” I would also dream a lot of my late grandmother. I could also feel her around me whenever I needed guidance.”

Orsini works with a number of different deities and spirit guides – Aphrodite for love, Hecate, Ganesh, Tara, Krishna and even the Norse deity Freya.  However, her primary deity has become  Santa Muerte, the known traditionally as the Goddess of death, whom she calls on for all workings.

“Santa Muerte has helped me a lot in my life,” she says “ I work with her for love,  protection and health.  She will not judge  anyone, as long as you approach with devotion.  She is like a mother to me.”

She says that she is often moved by her court of spirits and deities while conducting readings.

“When you come to me, you will get exactly the advice you need.  Some clients come for romance,  others come for a better sex and passion in their lives.  Whatever your desire is,  I will help you to manifest it.”

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