Mediums are psychics who facilitate communications between the dead and a living human being. The medium acts as an intermediary between the world of the living and the spirit world.
A medium will use their own spirit guides to make contact with a client’s loved on in the other world. In many cases, crossed over spirits use the medium to give messages to their loved ones that they were not able to in the physical plane.
A mediumship session can bring incredible healing and give personal insights.

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Anthony Russell

Anthony Russell embodies the romantic vision of a psychic from New York city –  sophisticated, well-traveled, articulate, and a master of several mystery traditions reflecting the melting pot of his locale. A Manhattan native, Russel is well-known as a highly sought-after reader – and also as the owner of the former “Zodiac Lounge.” In the…


Shelley Leggett

A voice for the voiceless When spirit wants you to develop your psychic gifts, sometimes the message can be jarring. In Shelley’s case, she was driving home from work one evening and suddenly found a person she did not know sitting in the passenger seat. “It was a spirit – someone who had crossed over,”…


Connect With Katerina

At a young age, Katerina first discovered her ability to connect with angels, spirit guides, and those that have passed. Katerina inherited her abilities from her Greek grandmother and great grandmother. After 27 years, Katerina’s abilities have become stronger with time and has come to use her mediumistic talents to assist people in all types…


Aphrodite Divinia

The Love Witch Daisy Orsini is “100 percent witch.” A naturally-gifted psychic and hereditary witch, her Peruvian grandmother was traditional healer and her Portuguese grandmother was a “gypsy, who practiced the dark arts.” However, Daisy’s speciality is love. “I am a love witch,”she says. “I am in love with love.  Every since I was a…