Dream Interpretation

Dreams are the window of the soul.
A dream can bring guidance from the spirit world and the higher self.
A psychic skilled in dream interpretation can provide important information from the subconscious and help a client make important life decisions.
A dream interpretation session can often change the course of a person’s life. Dreams will often tell us what we are missing in our conscious life and lead us to our higher purpose.
Even if you don’t remember your dreams, a dream interpretation session can help you, based upon word association and intuition.

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Anthony Russell

Anthony Russell embodies the romantic vision of a psychic from New York city –  sophisticated, well-traveled, articulate, and a master of several mystery traditions reflecting the melting pot of his locale. A Manhattan native, Russel is well-known as a highly sought-after reader – and also as the owner of the former “Zodiac Lounge.” In the…


Laurie Bizzarro

For Hecatean High Priestess Laurie Bizzarro, the universe is always communicating with us – through our dreams. “People’s dreams are the true portals of their fears and desires,” she says.  “Our spirits use dreams to inform us of what path we should take to our higher purpose and integrate the things that we may be…