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At a young age, Katerina first discovered her ability to connect with angels, spirit guides, and those that have passed. Katerina inherited her abilities from her Greek grandmother and great grandmother.

After 27 years, Katerina’s abilities have become stronger with time and has come to use her mediumistic talents to assist people in all types of situations involving love, career, and genuine guidance of clarity of the road ahead.

Katerina believes that every human is assigned at least one or two spirit guides to look over and watch them – these are different that relatives who have passed over.  Katerina connects to a client’s spirit guides and people that have passed during the reading and translates the messages and guidance given to her to give to the client.

“My readings are often a combination of both – spirit guides and crossed over loved ones – it really depends on who comes through during a reading,” she says. “I am being led by what I am being told.  They are spirit-guided readings.”

A client should have a paper and pen during the reading to take notes and keep track of what is said.

Katerina’s readings are based on love and honesty”.  Readings are used to assist and clarify any situation. I like to have a relationship with all of my clients. Once you read with me you are not a client, you become a friend and family.”

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