2022 Predictions

It is a little late; however here are Esoteric Guide’s predictions for 2022.  The word for the year is war, war, war:  

  •  The pandemic will end; the increased Omicron cases will lead to herd immunity. Focus will turn to war.
  • The mental and physical health of President Joe Biden will continue to deteriorate, forcing him to step down.  Kamala Harris will become President, creating a crisis in the Democratic Party, with those who question her ability to lead.  This will usher in a Republican win in 2024.
  • Russia will invade Ukraine; the conflict will spread to neighboring countries and Western Europe.
  • China will become increasingly belligerent towards the United States, will begin a siege of Taiwan to test US resolve.
  • At the same time, the administration will use increasingly coercive measures to force vaccinations, including linking it to the ability to renew a passport and driver’s license.
  • The tech elites from Silicon Valley will push for the legalization of psychedelics for profit and their own nefarious purposes
  • A movement of anti-tech “Luddites” will grow in alternative communities in the United States, rejecting all technology, to include social media and mainstream samsaric media.
  • A scandal will grow after it is leaked that high-tech elites have been using compounds such as DMT to make contact with inter-dimensional beings.
  • The “great schism” in the United States will continue, as freedom-seeking Americans move from the draconian laws and poorly run Blue States into less-restrictive Red States.  As William Stickevers pointed out, more people moved out of California and New York than the populations of some smaller European countries.
  • If the polarization of America is not addressed, this could lead to a civil war in 2023-2024.  Already a type of “shadow government” is forming in many Red States.
  • In the esoteric community, a similar schism will occur, with many flocking to “traditional” paths, based on eternal truths and clear lines of lineage.  The hodgepodge “Wiccan” religions will slowly fade out of popularity and there will be a big growth in traditional witchcraft, as well as many New Agers returning to paths like the Traditional Catholicism.
  • The counter-culture in this country will become conservatism. The most subversive, radical spiritual act will be to attend a Traditional Latin Mass.
  • An increasing number of portals will be open around the world,  as a result of increased and irresponsible  entheogen use.  This will lead to a dramatic increase in paranormal activity.
  • There will be an increased number of Marian sightings and messages.  Discernment is key.
  • A global movement of activists will arise against the  perceived high-tech New World Order.  This pan-global movement will protest the draconian surveillance powers, economic control, health control and media control.  These activists will begin flocking to “free countries” and “free states,” which have resisted this global dictatorship.
  • This global dictatorship will come fully on line in 2030, with the advent of quantum computing and 6G Internet technology.  6G Internet technology will be 100 times faster than 5G technology and will allow the Internet-of-Things (IOT).

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