We Shaktis thrive in chaos, thoughts on 2022

In order to survive the Kali Yuga, you need to become a Tantrik Shakti.
The Kali Yuga is the darkest age of mankind; however, it offers the most opportunities to grow spiritually.
The Tantrik only sees energy. For a Tantrik, there is no difference between a beautiful sunset and a battlefield. For a Tantrik, all energy is good and the Tantrik is the transformer.

I had a shamanic teacher who once taught an energy exercise for when you are in danger; I have used it quite a bit on the NYC Subway system, particularly at night.
It works like this: if someone is threatening you, or fighting, imaging a vacuum tube coming from your solar plexus chakra to that individual, then suck all of that individual’s negative energy into your chakra. You then burn it with your inner fire. You can also bring the energy down to your root chakra and the circulate it through your chakra system.
In this case, you transform the energy. The fight/threat is usually dissipated, with the individual often forgetting why they were being hostile.
In the same way, the Tantrik needs be a transformer for the society they live in as well.
2022 portends to be much like 2020 and 2021, full of chaos.
But 2022 offers really the best opportunity for spiritual growth, perhaps in human history. So be a Shakti, a transformer into the golden age.

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