Esoteric Guides had its second annual New Year’s Eve Predictions Event last night, It is always hard to do these types of shows. On the one hand, it is is important to remain positive, but on the other hand, it is important to accurately reflect the spiritual currents that are manifesting.
As a spiritual practitioner, it is not WHAT happens to us, it is HOW we deal with it.
What is the benefit of predicting the future through divination, vision or dream?
It is like being on a beach and finding out a tsunami is about to hit – any prudent person would seek higher ground.
In order to understand how predictions happen, it is important to understand how creation happens. The Kabbalah articulates this beautifully, with its concept of the four worlds. Events filter down in the world of creation (Briyah), to formation (Yetzirah) and finally into the material plan (Asiyah).
A visionary can glimpse into the world of formation and “see” events as they form. This may come in the form of a dream, vision, or be divined through tarot cards or other oracles. Visions and dreams are often the most accurate gifts from the universe.
This is why thousands of people – myself included- had premonitory dreams of 9-11 in the weeks leading up to the event. This is because the event had already occurred in the astral plan and was filtering down into our own reality.
But the future is often malleable. Events in the astral plane (plane of the mind) are extremely malleable and can be altered by prayer and other magical workings. It becomes harder when these ideas begin to crystallise in Yetzirah.
For instance, one of my teachers, Goswami Kriyananda, used to say that a glass in the astral plan can be molded into something else, but when it materializes in the material world, it will simply break.
So what are the events percolating in the upper planes of the astral, according to the readings of the evening? The following is the replay of our New Year’s Eve event:


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