There are times when you need guidance from the beyond, when conventional means simply can’t give you the information you need to make a key life decision. Some people, however, are gifted and have the ability to see into the future.

New York City has one of the highest concentrations of psychics in the world. A good psychic can really get to the bottom of an issue. Many times, one session with a talented psychic can accomplish more in one session than years of therapy.

Use your intuition to choose an appropriate psychic to work with.  Many times you are establishing a bond and friendship that can last a lifetime.

You have in front of you some of the best psychics and mystics who have worked in NYC.   Click on the photo of the psychic who calls to you, book a reading and enter into the adventure zone.


Dee Dunckley

The Hermetic Astrologer Dee Dunckley is one of the best Hermetic Astrologers in the NYC esoteric community. Hermetic Astrology teaches that each person is created for a very special purpose – and that purpose is revealed in the birth chart. Dunckley’s journey into astrology began when she was 14 years old and came across a…


Connect With Katerina

At a young age, Katerina first discovered her ability to connect with angels, spirit guides, and those that have passed. Katerina inherited her abilities from her Greek grandmother and great grandmother. After 27 years, Katerina’s abilities have become stronger with time and has come to use her mediumistic talents to assist people in all types…


Aphrodite Divinia

The Love Witch Daisy Orsini is “100 percent witch.” A naturally-gifted psychic and hereditary witch, her Peruvian grandmother was traditional healer and her Portuguese grandmother was a “gypsy, who practiced the dark arts.” However, Daisy’s speciality is love. “I am a love witch,”she says. “I am in love with love.  Every since I was a…