There are times when you need guidance from the beyond, when conventional means simply can’t give you the information you need to make a key life decision. Some people, however, are gifted and have the ability to see into the future.

New York City has one of the highest concentrations of psychics in the world. A good psychic can really get to the bottom of an issue. Many times, one session with a talented psychic can accomplish more in one session than years of therapy.

Use your intuition to choose an appropriate psychic to work with.  Many times you are establishing a bond and friendship that can last a lifetime.

You have in front of you some of the best psychics and mystics who have worked in NYC.   Click on the photo of the psychic who calls to you, book a reading and enter into the adventure zone.

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Psychic Louis

NYC’s Number One Flower Reader While many psychics use Tarot cards or runes, Mystic Louis uses flowers and plants to divine the future and give advice to clients. Louis – who has been a professional psychic reader for more than 40 years – says he stumbled upon flower reading by chance.  He went to a…


Shelley Leggett

A voice for the voiceless When spirit wants you to develop your psychic gifts, sometimes the message can be jarring. In Shelley’s case, she was driving home from work one evening and suddenly found a person she did not know sitting in the passenger seat. “It was a spirit – someone who had crossed over,”…


Rita Segarra

Queen of the Lenormand For Rita Segarra, the Lenormand cards are the perfect cards for New York City. “They are blunt and in-your-face,” laughs Segarra, a Bronx native. “The key to a good reading is to learn how to convey the message in a diplomatic manner – and not be so jarring.” Segarra has always…

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Marianna Leah Hernandez

Marianna Leah Hernandez is known as the “Oracle of Union Square.” Hernandez is a natural medium and psychic who developed a following in Union Square Park in NYC after she began giving readings, psychic advice, and “communicating with departed loved ones,” for residents in the area. She is also a practicing Soul Retrieval Specialist and…

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Lady Jade

Lady Jade was given the nickname “Lighthouse for the Soul” during a personal development training course in California – and the nickname has stuck with her ever since. “That is what I do – I shine the light for people to see what they need to see,” she says. “The lighthouse has become my personal…


Gypsy Maritza

La Gitana Bella Maritza was one of the most popular readers at Original Products in the Bronx; she reads the Spanish “Gypsy” playing cards and is known for her upbeat personality and reading style. She grew up in the Bronx in a Puerto Rican family that used the playing cards to divine the future. Spanish…